Metz - The Le Tiffany Disc & The Channel Night Club Are Closed

The charming town of Metz is located at the confluence of the Moselle and the Seille rivers in northeast France. Metz is a unique French town due to its German heritage, and military tradition.

When the new Centre Pompidou-Metz museum opened its doors on 12 May, 2010, this little-known city suddenly become a hot new weekend destination. Until then Metz was something of a hidden secret, with a host of great bistros, gourmet restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, and historical sites.



With the completion of the Centre Pompidou-Metz museum and  its cutting edge architecture,  a number of nightclubs and discos opened their doors with the anticipation of an influx of more visitors and tourists. Le Tiffany, a cavernous disco that blasted out house and techno, ragga and R&B till 6am was one of them. Looking back at an archived programing page, Le Tiffany, a hot trendy club was open many nights of the week packing in large crowds. 

DJ K-More R'n'B Party Mardi 23 Février 2010 à 23h00

Students F**K School Mercredi 24 Février 2010 à 23h00

DJ Brice Mercredi 24 Février 2010 à 23h00

Soirée étudiante Jeudi 25 Février 2010 à 23h00

Gossip Party Vendredi 26 Février 2010 à 23h00

Défil'la Mode 7 Samedi 27 Février 2010 à 23h00

DJ K.Lass Dimanche 28 Février 2010 à 23h00

DJ Brice Mercredi 03 Mars 2010 à 23h00

Spring Break Jeudi 04 Mars 2010 à 23h00

New Look Official Tour Vendredi 05 Mars 2010 à 23h00

DJ K.Lass & Julien Carra Samedi 06 Mars 2010 à 23h00

DJ Jizzy Dimanche 07 Mars 2010 à 23h00

DJ Brice Mercredi 10 Mars 2010 à 23h00

Candy Night Jeudi 11 Mars 2010 à 23h00

Gossip Party Vendredi 12 Mars 2010 à 23h00

Julien Carra Powermix Samedi 13 Mars 2010 à 23h00

DJ Jizzy Dimanche 14 Mars 2010 à 23h00


Le Tiffany Club was the place to be. In its heyday they were rocking.  What happened?  Examining  the club’s profile one discovers that LE TIFFANY CLUB was a joint stock company that was in business for just about 4 years. As a disco it specialized in the sector of drinking establishments with a workforce between 6 and 9 employees. Laurent Hocquel Le was the president of Le Tiffany Club. Mr. Nicolas Renauld was the Chairman of the company TIFFANY CLUB (registered under number 53285717400017). The creation of the joint stock company was June 21, 2011. But something happened and by 2014 SARL Tiffany Club located in Metz (Moselle) was declared in liquidation by the court Tribunal De Grande Instance de Metz.

There are probably many reason why Le Tiffany Club didn't survive but someone who worked within the organization said that the business side of the organization was robust. They were using the new, cloud-based CRM software, Salesforce, to manage the back of the house business component. And even recognized within a year of its implementation that by customizing Salesforce installations the functionality of their organization's unique requirements would be addressed to enhance the business's performance. My inside source went on to say that when the Saleforce specialist team first arrived they started by looking at what Le Tiffany's business objectives were. They then become acquainted with Le Tiffany and its perceived challenges. Custom applications with attributes that help increase user productivity, improve data quality, automate manual processes, and adapt quickly to Le Tiffany's requirements were then implemented. It certainly sounds like they knew what they were doing. However.....


Some speculate that the financial troubles of Claude and Didier Le Douarin who took over the Walygator Parc in 2006, helped initiate the demise of Le Tiffany along with a number of other Metz clubs that they also held in their investment portfolio as a cushion in case anything went wrong with the water park. Unfortunately the “empire” the Douarin brothers built in six years collapsed like a house of cards.



Metz has it share of trendy clubs and discos. One particular that was particularly popular was the CHANNEL club that offered themed evenings (Cannes Film Festival, evening beach, Russian, French Music, gloubiboulga, disco ...) that explored other styles of music including electro, rock and R&B, ensuring a variety to the nightlife at the Channel.
From early evening to the small hour folks enjoyed themselves at the Channel lounge bar in Metz. It was an elegant setting for a  club which attempted to respond to all their patrons desires, whether it was just for a chat over a drink or to really let loose on the dance floor to the sound of mainstream dance hits played by the house DJs.

It was open: Wednesday to Saturday from 10PM to 5AM, closing only on Monday and Tuesday. Parking was conveniently nearby at the Cathedral - Saint Jacques.  It was the perfect place to relax over a drink with friends or / and to party until the end of the night! The resident DJ encouraged not only dancing, but also singing along to the music they spun.  A festive atmosphere was always guaranteed! And yet,  this lounge bar / nightclub has closed its doors in 2015.


However, do not be dismayed. Metz still has plenty of clubs and bars for those of you who like to party.

And don’t forget that Metz offers an agglomeration of fascinating historical elements from many periods : Roman vestiges, Middle Ages old city, 18th century classicism buildings, gardens and parks, museums, cathedrals, castles and cloisters, along with a plethora of restaurants.